What Are the Flavors of Your Rehearsal Space?

Here’s what I witnessed during rehearsals: photo

The playwright and choreographer seemed to favor big bags of nuts, dried fruit and trail mix and various other squirrel food, very liberally shared and gotten through in some startling volumes.  The stage manager kept replenished two side by side overflowing bowls of assorted mini chocolate bars and Ricola throat lozenges available to everyone.  A bag of tangerines brought in to share went fairly quickly but the assistant director’s delicious home-made toffee lasted  longer and was depleted in tiny increments amid loud complaints and groans about how good it was and how hard it was to resist.  The director often had a piece of dying fruit in her backpack or on her desk.  The water bottles were everywhere, outnumbered only by the half-empty Starbucks cups.  Typical?

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  1. Wendy H
    Mar 13, 2013

    As a playgoer who has not been able to witness a rehearsal at the professional level, I appreciate this evocative, light take on what it’s like…it’s creative and it worked for me!

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