“THE NORTH POOL” close to home — in more ways than one

I don’t usually just advertise an upcoming play — and I haven’t even seen this production!  But I think this play is so special that in 2013 I wrote a post about it called “The Best New Play of the 21st Century?”   It’s The North Pool by Rajiv Joseph and I know it is worth seeing.  Quoting from my earlier post:

I have personally watched, talked to or eavesdropped on many hundreds of people who saw this play – from a sold-out high school student audience where you could hear a pin drop and not a single cell phone made a sound, to a mixed age crowd all leaning forward at a Sunday matinee — and they seemed to be unanimously in thrall.  It’s a mesmerizing cat and mouse dance between a high school student and his vice principal that never takes you where you think it’s going and keeps you reflecting and talking for days afterwards.

The Dragon Theatre Company in Redwood City presents:

The North Poolnpool poster
By Rajiv Joseph

June 23 – July 16, 2017

When Khadim, a Syrian-born student in a large U.S. high school is called into the vice principal’s office to discuss recent absences, he soon becomes caught in a web of lies about crimes he may (or may not) have committed. This psychological thriller is a timely look at racial, cultural, and gender profiling in America.


Edward Hightower* as Dr. Danielson
Salim Razawi as Khadim

*member of Actor’s Equity Association

Directed by Jacquelyn Montellato


Edward Hightower as Dr. Danielson, Salim Razawi as Khadim; Dragon Theatre

Edward Hightower as Dr. Danielson, Salim Razawi as Khadim; Dragon Theatre


This play is why I love theatre:  it will surprise you; it will make you question your assumptions; it will force you to think about things in a different way; and it will be exciting and fun to watch, and to keep thinking  about.  My Bay Area readers have a chance to see this fascinating play at the Dragon Theatre in Redwood City and every seat in their tiny space should be filled, so get your tickets early!  I have mine.





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