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I am still processing all the good theatre I saw at the 2013 Colorado New Play Summit.  I think I’m going to be dreaming and day-dreaming dialogue and moments from all seven plays for weeks.  But putting aside the art, the people were amazing!  Here is just a partial list of the extremely interesting people who were my random round-table meal companions:

  • an actress recently returned from doing Shakespeare in Prague,
  • two playwrights (on two different days, each of whom shared that he (and she) is contemplating a significant geographical move — coincidence? or are playwrights generally a peripatetic sort?),
  • a literary manager  (he reads upwards of 300 scripts a year!),
  • a musical theatre writer and composer,
  • an incredibly talented young director (sorry, that may be a tiny violation of the “no review” policy),
  • two theatre critics (one of whom really only reviews performances on the east coast but travels to new works festivals all over the country — a man after my own heart),
  • an agent,
  • a local Denver theatre lover (and very proud mother of one of the production staff at Denver Center),
  • a publicist,
  • a founder of the National New Play Network, and
  • an 85 year old theatre historian with many tales to tell.

We were all there primarily for the theatre and from what I could tell, no one left disappointed.  But the bonus — the chance to meet and talk with theatre artists and like-minded obsessives was, simply put, really fun.

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  1. Michelle Daigneault
    Feb 12, 2013

    Wow, what a cast of characters! Sounds amazing.

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