Support the Theatre — Any Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday — but any day is a great day to give to your favorite theatre.

With my soft spot for playwrights, one of my favorite appeals this year was from Playwrights Foundation in San Francisco who ask you to:


In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, Playwrights Foundation will give back to the playwrights you help us support.
Honor your favorite (living) playwright and let them know just how much you appreciate their work: with a gift of $25 or more today, we will send the playwright of your choice a lovely and environmentally friendly “”Drink Like a Playwright”” water bottle in your name. No donation is too small to support our life-affirming cultural work. Through this year of difficult news, these artists have helped us find ways to make meaning, witness beauty, discover hilarity, and touch difficult truths. Your contribution goes directly to the playwrights we serve and the work they are creating.”

I particularly like that Playwrights Foundation goes on to suggest that the giver consider “[doubling] the impact of your donation by matching your gift to these local organizations that are also a vital part of the Playwrights Foundation community:” and goes on to list nine other local theatre companies.

With theatres and other arts organizations closing at an alarming rate, and governmental funding of the arts not looking to increase very soon, your support is crucial.  Help the arts you love.  Today and any Tuesday.

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