Theatre Play by Play is a blog about new works in theatre, from a non-theatre professional’s point of view, written by a knowledgeable life-long theatre lover.   I will be seeking opportunities to witness  the process of nurturing and refining new works in American plays and musical theatre and sharing impressions of that process in this blog.  Theatre has been my favorite night out for as long as I can remember.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and we have a wealth of high quality established and developmental theatre happening here.  I am (and have been since 2008) a member of the Board of Trustees of TheatreWorks of Silicon Valley.   I am also a regular at Ashland, I have family in the amazing theatre cities of Chicago and Seattle, and I go to New York as often as my budget and schedule allow.  I seek any (or no) excuse to see what’s on wherever I’m going or to go wherever something exciting is on, so this blog is a great enabler of my theatre addiction!   –  Susan Fairbrook